Adjustable Bunk Bed with Wallbars

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Gymi Furniture Wallbar Bed is the public vote winner in the Finnish Sport Product of the Year 2016 Competition!

Our adjustable wallbar bunk bed is made to last and grow with your family. The bed is made for a good night sleep but it also makes natural movement and training of motor skills possible at home.

The functional bunk bed can be adjusted according to your child’s height. You can separate the two beds if needed. The ends of the bed serves as wallbars to which also the Gymi Furniture plank, wooden horizontal bar and ladder can be attached. The bed’s ladder also serves as a basis to attaching the different elements.

The bunk bed includes two separate beds and the small parts (ladder, safety rail and extra leg) for assembling the bunk bed.

The bed base is slatted hence very breathable. A 80 cm wide mattress fits into the beds.

The bunk bed is made of birch. The surface of the wood is varnished white (birch color) or painted white – your choice.

All Gymi Furniture products are non-toxic and made according to EU-standards.

Size of the bed:

  • wider end ca 91,5 cm, naroow end ca 85,5 cm
  • length max 225 cm (mattress 200 cm), min 185 cm (mattress 160 cm)
  • height of wallbar ends 200 cm

Time of delivery:  7-10 days if available at warehouse, otherwise 6-8 weeks